Treatment for irrational fear and phobia

At Cognitive Behaviour, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, I can support you in overcoming your fears, through hypnosis and behavioural treatment, in London.

Types of fear and phobia:

  • Social anxiety 
  • Fear of certain situations or activities
  • Fear of certain objects

Symptoms of phobia and how they affect your brain

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are an exaggeration of a body’s normal response to stress, fears and excitement, and can happen very quickly. The attack usually lasts for about 5-20 minutes but in some cases, it goes on for as long as an hour. The symptoms may also show up due to a few medical conditions and post withdrawal from certain prescribed medicines as well.


The magnitude of the symptoms will vary from person to person. Read more on anxiety.


The cause of this is still unknown. But, it’s thought that the areas of the brain that control the fear response have a part to play, in addition to surrounding environmental factors. The panic attacks, in these cases, occur very suddenly and can cause significant psychological and physical problems to the person.

Mental health conditions

Anxiety and phobia can be treated with a variety of therapies and treatments. With an experienced therapist and treatments such as talking therapy and hypnotherapy, you can control your thoughts and emotions to make your brain to be focused in a better position.


Treatment for social anxiety

Hypnotherapy and behavioural treatment may be beneficial in treating anxiety. At the Cognitive Behaviour, Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Awareness clinic, based in London, I treat people across the UK and Europe.

Counselling sessions for anxiety

I understand that everyone feels anxious in their life. Whether it’s before a job interview or an exam, we all experience anxiety and it is natural. However, anxiety can get out of control and may have an adverse effect on our daily life. It can lead to feelings of panic and make you fear things that would normally appear ordinary to you.

As a qualified specialist, I understand how anxiety can affect you and will treat it with seriousness and dedication. I’ll also provide you with a secure space to explore your feelings without being judged. My counselling sessions are designed to reduce your anxiety and make a positive impact on your life.

Physical reactions and short-term effects of anxiety and panic attacks

Rapid breathing may cause a light headache and make you feel shaky. Increasing muscular tension can cause discomfort and headaches. Rising blood pressure can result in an increased heartrate, as well as heartburn, which leads to changes in the blood supply to your digestive system, causing nausea, sickness, dizziness and sometimes fainting.

Physical reactions and long-term effects and panic attacks

Fear and anxiety can cause problems with sleeping, leaving you feeling tired a lot of the time which can weaken your immune system and lower your resistance to infection. In addition to this, you may experience digestive difficulties.

Available treatment options

Treating anxiety needs intensive, short or long practical therapy sessions with treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy to help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and assist you in better controlling your thoughts, behaviours and reactions. This could help you to cope with your emotions better, and help you to start thinking positively about yourself and the world around you.

CBT hypnotherapy aims to help you deal with past events in a practical and positive way.

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