Smoking cessation treatments

Do you want to quit smoking or cut down on how much you smoking?
I can provide the support you need.

Clinical hypnotherapy

When you choose the Cognitive Behaviour, Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Awareness clinic, I can offer you treatments that may help to alter your behavioural habits to lead a healthy and optimistic life.

Based in London, I provide smoking cessation treatments tailored to suit your requirements and serve clients from the UK and Europe.

People who cut down on smoking often experience:

  • Better physical and mental health
  • More energy
  • The reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease

A comprehensive treatment

Before wasting your money, I encourage client to show signs of a real motivation during the first 2 hours consultation sessions as this will be a start point, however if you are undergoing other personal issues that might hinders your motivation such as stress/phobia or lack of confidence then we will work in these issues first to be able to have the Willpower and Motivation to quit smoking. During the session, you will be taught some techniques that work deeply with your subconscious in hypnosis to develop healthy beliefs and thoughts that enable you to stop smoking. In addition to this, a recorded Self hypnosis technique will be provided with a follow up supported phone call at your request. More important: If you developed any other issue during your treatment period such as: Anxiety or sleeping problem then please contact me to work on this as well.

Addictive Behaviours

Addition can be any kind of addiction such as Sexual Addiction, Drugs and Alcohol Addiction, Spending too much money and shopping addiction, eating habits addiction, Social Media Addiction, telling lies addiction gambling addiction and other type of addition.

If you are experienced one of these behaviours, and decided to change the way you live your current life to have more stability in your social life, family relationships, or your interaction with your colleagues at work or school. You can contact our clinic to see and evaluate the real cause of your addiction’s behaviours, and together we will work on it to get you out of it.

Shopping Addiction

Eating Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Social Media Addiction

Sexual Addiction

Behavioural treatment for social anxiety issues. Contact Cognitive Behaviour, Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Awareness in London on 07564 011 334

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