The facilitator very well experienced with her
knowledge about the Domestic Violence, law and policy and how this could
affect victims psychologically and mentally. . very useful workshop. i
loved it. however i would like this kind of workshop would be presented
with a certificate at th end so we can use it as a CPD. .

Ms. L. Ibrahim

I rated 4* is because the location of the workshop
was quite far me but it could be reasonable for others. the handout
that given to us by the facilitator Mrs Amal was very helpful for me so
i can get back to it whenever i need to. excellent workshop overall.

Mrs Ghandour

Very good course. facilitator very
knowledgeable and friendly, great information for people who are victims
of domestic violence as a result of their complecated culture and its


Everything was fantastic from the information about the law, the psychological affect, the family and
friends support and woman’ power too, but it is unlikely such law could be implemented within my culture where man overpowering women. Great workshop overall.


Despite the good value of this workshop but we know that man’s power will never go away. Overall the workshop
was very useful for my own benefit as a domestic violence victim.


I loved the emotional support that provided
by the facilitator Mrs Amal . overall the workshop was great, full of
useful information about the psychological side and the law and policy

Mrs A. Alkaoadari

The information was very well explained in a very
clear way by the facilitair Mrs Amal who also concluded the session
with emotional support ended with wonderful Mindfulness.

Mrs Mahmmoud

The workshop is great, the facilitator Mrs Amal is very well experienced, friendly, however i would like this workshop to be delivered as a intensive training presented with a certificate so i can use it for my CV when applying for a job.

Ms. N. Ahmed

I like the voice of my theraphis Mrs. Almansowri, her voice is very calm and her instructions are very clear.
I would like to have more homework like self hypnosis.

Anonymous – Self Confident – March 8, 2017

I was homeless, Mrs. Almansowri used to come every morning to have coffee with me. Over 2 months she changes my life, introduces me to the local church and now I learn how to reach my goal.
I would love to hold session for other homeless people to move on with their lives. Mrs. Almansowri is very humble despite her session was free but she acted like she got paid, I like her attitude.

Mental Health Wellbeing – March 6, 2017 9/10 rating

I have learnt how to manage my self awareness while in a public place, also learnt ABC techniques.
I would like Mrs. Almansowri to repeat this session to learn more how I can be in control of my anxiety.
Mrs. Almansowri is very professional and humble. I would like to inform me of any further presentation in the future.

Mr. Alex – Social Anxiety – March 3, 2017

Anonymous – Mindfulness – February 14, 2017 8/10 rating

Anonymous – Mindfulness – February 14, 2017 8/10 rating

Anonymous – Mental Health Wellness – February 9, 2017
10/10 rating

Mental Health Wellness